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Wow! That's a lot of wildflowers!
New pictorial reveals a wildflower treasure trove on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.

Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula is a wildflower paradise. Harvey Desnick's just released pictorial Keweenaw Wildflowers Blooming Seasons brings this message home in glorious color. "I want to raise awareness of the Keweenaw's wildflower treasures and extract from the reader, on first blush, "Wow, That's amazing! That's a lot of wildflowers!" encouraging readers to come to the Keweenaw and explore," Desnick said.

Desnick is the creator of Keweenaw Wildflowers Up Close, an extensive exhibit of botanical photo art. It ranks as one of the largest public displays of wildflowers in Michigan. Keweenaw Wildflowers Up Close resides on the sixth floor of the Finlandia University Jutila Center in west Hancock, Michigan at 200 Michigan Street. Keweenaw Wildflowers Blooming Seasons is the exhibit in book form.

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